HR Mogherini and Commissioner Hahn urge BH Politocians to agree on the Electoral Reforms

The European Commission in its recent report on Bosnia and Herzegovina calls on political leaders to assume their responsibilities and show willingness to compromise on a solution with regard to the indirect elections of the Federation entity House of Peoples. In light of earlier commitments, political leaders have yet to reach an agreement on how to amend the provisions of the electoral legislation following recent rulings of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The ongoing local facilitation efforts by EU and US ambassadors to Bosnia and Herzegovina have provided a framework conducive to a solution being found. We expect the leaders of Bosnia and Herzegovina to reach a compromise without further delay in the best interest of their country. If the results of the general election cannot be implemented, the formation of a new government could be at risk.

The country’s Central Election Commission will, in the coming days, call for the October general elections. We trust the Central Election Commission will exercise its mandate in an independent and professional manner. The holding of elections and the implementation of their results, including proper functioning of the institutions, is a fundamental democratic requirement for any country aspiring to join the European Union. Holding the future election results hostage to party interests is not an option.

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