HR Schmidt briefed Members of the German Bundestag on the Situation in BiH

High Representative Christian Schmidt briefed members of the Committee on European Union Affairs of the German Bundestag on the current situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Following today’s discussion in Berlin, the High Representative and the Chairman of the Committee, Anton Hofreiter, issued the following statement:

“The situation in BiH is worrying because the blockade of the institutions and the political unwillingness to cooperate constructively is drastically worsening the life of the people in BiH and robbing the country of prospects. One thing must be clear to all those involved on the ground: if nothing moves on, the international community and the High Representative will continue to act. We agree that the conditionality of financial resources must become the rule in the future. The tactics of some politicians on the ground of just keeping quiet and hoping that we will lose interest will not work. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and, in consultation with the international community, will discuss whether and what steps might be necessary. All parliamentary groups in the Bundestag agree on this.”

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