Huge improvement is made in the tourist sector of B&H

Federal Minister of Environment and Tourism Branka Đurić considers that tourism, as an important part of the economy in B&H and the Federation of B&H has a great perspective, reminding of the huge improvement made so far in the tourist sector. In an interview for FENA Agency, Minister Đurić stated that the number of tourists in B&H is growing as the years pass.

”Considering the fact that we can be much better and that we want better results, it requires more work and dedication, promotion and more investment. During the last few months we worked hard on the promotion of the Federation of B&H on the Turkish market, participating on the International Fair in Izmir and on EMITT 2013 in Istanbul. The result of that is  last week’s visit of the Turkish tour operators and owners of Turkish tourist agencies, who are currently on the ”Balkan Fam Trip”. With our help in the organization of this trip, we had the opportunity to present the tourist offer of the Federation of B&H. During next week our investors will be visiting Turkey where they will talk to Turkish investors about investments into our winter tourism and all additional infrastructure, with which we will strengthen our existing tourist offer.”- said Minister Đurić.

She also emphasized the importance of an open collaboration with the representatives of the tourist sector of Thailand and Spain. She also considers that B&H as well as the Federation of B&H is still an undiscovered tourist market.

“I hope that the culture of B&H which presents a mixture of the East and the West, middle Europe and Mediterranean will truly change and delight all those who want to visit it. Our advantage is that B&H has the potential for the development of more selective forms of tourism and does not have to be limited only to seasonal tourism, whether winter of summer tourism. Tourists can also enjoy in Ecotourism and Ethno- tourism, in adventure, spa, city and religious tourism.”- said Minister Đurić.


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