Meeting of Members of BiH Presidency and Swiss Minister of Foreign Affairs

The Chairman and Members of the BiH Presidency Nebojša Radmanović and Bakir Izetbegović received the Vice-President and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Switzlerland Didier Burkhalter in Sarajevo today.

The members of the BiH Presidency wished a warm welcome to the Swiss Minister of Foreign Affairs to BiH and took the opportunity to thank him for the considerable interest and Switzerland’s help for BiH’s development, and the progress of our country towards European integration.

Minister Burkhalter said that Switzerland still asserts its interest for BiH’s faster progress towards EU integration because that is the path to a stable BiH and region. In the end, that is the best way to attract foreign investors.

Members of the Presidency and Minister Burkhalter concluded that the relations between BiH and Switzerland is good and friendly and without any open-ended questions.

They agreed that good relations contribute to maintain regular political consultations between the two countries.

It was concluded at the meeting that economic relations between BiH and Switzerland are also at a high level and there is space to increase cooperation.

Minister Burkhalter informed the BiH Presidency members that through the Swiss Agency responsible for the implementation of developmental cooperation, Switzerland will participate in support programs in our country that are focused on strengthening state and local capacity, improving conditions for the development of small and medium-sized businesses, employment, especially for youth, microfinance, family medicine and other projects of public importance.

With this goal, a procedure for the conclusion of agreements on avoiding double taxation on property and income between the two countries has begun. This should result in more trade and new investments.

More than 33,000 well-organized and integrated BiH citizens in Switzerland connect BiH and Switzerland. They represent a good basis for strengthening bilateral, economic and cultural relations. The BiH Diaspora has to provide the right resources for the benefit of cooperation between the two countries, said the Minister.

At the meeting they also spoke about the co-chairmanship of Switzerland and Serbia of the OSCE from 2014-2015, and of the appointing of the Swiss special representative for the Western Balkans.

Advisor Davor Vuletić attended the meeting on behalf of a member of the BiH Presidency Željko Komšić.

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