Humanitarian “Trail Race for Life” held at Jahorina Mountain

The second, humanitarian “Trail Race for Life” was held on Saturday on Jahorina Mountain, organized by the Jahorina Olympic Center.

In the 12.2 km long race, about 50 competitors proved their skills and successfully overcame 20 obstacles.

The best in the men’s competition – Marko Kouzul, Adnan Behlulovic and Darko Topalovic, and in the women’s Sanja Kavaz, Aida Mulic and Shejla Kapetanovic Jenko won valuable prizes from the race sponsors.

The main goal of the race was humanitarian, and about 1,500 BAM was raised to assist the work of the associations “Sun” from Pale and “Heart for Children” from Sarajevo.

Already next weekend, on Saturday, August 17th, at 21:00 o’clock at the Vucko Hotel, all guests will be greeted by the best entertainment on the mountain with the Durology show, meanwhile, new content, the most expensive mountain bob in the region, will be opened.

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