Young Martina Batista is the best Bull Conditioning Trainer in BiH

Young Martina Batista from Busovaca is the best bull conditioning trainer in BiH, who runs at least two hours at each training session with her bull Peran to prepare him for the arena.

Martina started working with the bulls because she was sorry to see her father take care of the animals himself.

“I’m not scared. I train Peran every day. We run for two hours, I get tired, but we have to train for Peran to win. When he wins, I jump for joy, cheer for him, kiss him, I cry. I am glad to see when people congratulate me,” says Batista.

She says that none of her friends love what she does, but that she is supported by her relatives from Europe.

“Who love my animals, I love him too,” Martina made clear.

Peran has a dozen wins behind him, and he trains daily in the nearby hills and mountains.

Martina inherited her love for animals from her father, Pero, who points out that he is very proud of his daughter, Klix.ba news portal reports.

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