Hundreds of Citizens to Authorities: You are incompetent, leave!

Hundreds of citizens today, with a protest ride and walk from the Railway Station to the building of Parliament, and then the Federation of BiH Government, clearly expressed their dissatisfaction because the state and federal authorities did not procure vaccines against coronavirus, Klix.ba writes.

The protests began with a gathering on the plateau in front of the Railway Station, from where a convoy of vehicles headed towards the building of the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Other citizens joined them there, and in half-hour protests they called on the state government to resign because it was not able to procure vaccines for the citizens, which directly endangered the lives of those from whose pockets they receive high salaries.

Then, a column of vehicles and citizens headed towards the building of the Federal Government, where they called on the Prime Minister Fadil Novalic and his ministers to resign immediately.

Protesters chanted “Get out”, “Go away, parasites”, “Fadil, thief” … Outraged citizens also called on fellow citizens in other parts of BiH to express their dissatisfaction on the streets, because they believe that the red line has been crossed long ago and that BiH. politicians do not care about the health or lives of people, they are important only to themselves, as long as they answer to their party leaders, and not to the people. The organizers of the protest repeated the demands, and these are the resignations of the entire Federal Government, as well as the Council of Ministers of BiH due to the chaos in which an average of 50 of our fellow citizens die every day and which the authorities have shown and proved able to cope with a pandemic.

The list of their demands also includes the appointment of a new convocation of the BiH Council of Ministers and the FBiH Government, which has 14 days to come up with a clear and realistic plan for crisis management and the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, and urgent introduction of PCR tests for everyone entering BiH.

A deadline of seven days has been set for fulfilling these requirements, ie until April 13, 2021, because every day, as they say, is gambling with the lives of citizens.

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