I have a Big Motivation to keep the Belt of World Champion in Sarajevo

PoturakBest B&H K-1 fighter Dzevad “BH Machine” Poturak will defend the title of world champion in the WAKO version of the competition NO LIMIT 8 Fighting Network, which will be held on the 11th of March in the Zetra Olympic Hall in Sarajevo.

On this occasion, his challenger will be Polish champion Michal Turynski, who is on the top of challengers list of WAKO Federation.

Poturak said that he already started with preparations for the organization of the competition, as well as training, because he does not like to leave anything for just in case.

“Considering the fact that I have not lost a single match in B&H in the last 12 years, I will try my best for that not to happen now. I want to keep the belt of world champion in my hometown and my country, and I have a big motivation for that. This will be a top competition and a night to remember,” said BH Machine.

Dzevad Poturak (1977) was born in Sarajevo, and he is the best B&H kick boxer of all times. He is K-1 world champion by WAKO version. He fought at several great K-1 tournaments, he became the champion of K-1 Fighting Network Prague that was held in 2007, he performed at the K-1 WGP in Japan in 2010, and he won the third place at K-1 WGP Final 2013 in Zagreb, when he became one of the top four fighters in K-1 organization.

Also, this popular B&H kickbokser received the award or plaque, last year in Croatia, as a new member of Atrium Hall of Fame of Martial Arts.


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