Ibisevic helps Refugees in Germany

Vedad Ibisevic About War faktor.baCaptain of Hertha and representative of the national football team of BiH Vedad Ibisevic will star in a movie entitled ’11 Refugees’ in which he will recall some of the most difficult days in his life and help those who are going through a similar situation.

Popular Vedo will tell his story in the video series of the Federal Agency for the civic education of asylum seekers and refugees.

Back in the ‘90s, Vedo escaped to Switzerland with his family, where he applied for asylum and after it has been denied, Vedo and his family went to the United States: “BiH was characterized as a safe country of origin when I escaped with my family. Everyone thought that the war is over and that the situation in BiH was automatically improved. But it was not. We were afraid that we will be deported back, and we did not want to go back,” said Ibisevic.

Vedo also added that he is glad to be able to talk to someone who went through a similar experience: “I am happy to talk to people who are also refugees. It is good to talk about that kind of experience, and especially when the other party understands it. Today, of course, I have a different kind of life, but I can understand everything that Chris has been experiencing.”

This is not the first humanitarian activity of BH football player because Vedad also helped refugees from the area of Tempelhof last year with the donation of 50,000 EUR, as reported by Sport1.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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