Ibisevic: War made me stronger!

Vedad Ibisevic About War faktor.baTwo night ago, Vedad Ibisevic scored his first goals for Hertha, bringing it the 2:0 victory against Köln in Berlin. Vedo returned to the goals after a difficult season in Stuttgart, but now he is back – stronger, and full of self-confidence.

However, the BH striker admits that he did not have an easy life at all, and he also recalled his tough childhood at the mention of the current refugee crisis in Europe. Ibisevic also once had to leave his home in Bosnia because of war, reported Goal.

“When we were leaving Bosnia in fear of bombardment, we lived in a large hall with other refugees”, said Ibisevic, who left his home at the age of eight.

“In any weather, even on snow, we played football with torn shoes, in the midst of war. I suppressed the fear”.

Ibisevic’s familie left to Switzerland for a year, after which they moved to St. Louis, USA.

“At that moment, I thought that football was a dream. It could be played in school only, but we didn’t have money. Luckily, I was awarded a scholarship and I could continue playing football”, said Ibisevic.

Vedad would probably not succeed, if it were not for the tough childhood.

“War made me tougher and stronger, but my entire life is a struggle”.

(Source: photo faktor)

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