Ice Rink Officially Opened on the Plateau in Dobrinja

OPENINGIn the presence of many citizens, a free outdoor ice rink was officially opened on the plateau of the Bosnian market in Dobrinja, which will be available for the lovers of ice skating by the end of January next year. Besides free admission, visitors will be also able to rent ice skates for free.

Mayor of Novi Grad Sarajevo Semir Efendic officially opened the start of the ice skating season on Dobrinja. On that occasion, Mayor said that Novi Grad is opening ice rink in Dobrinja for the fourth time in a row.

“This is one of the many projects that are being realized, in order to make lives of residents of Sarajevo more beautiful and pleasant. I am especially pleased that the children will be able to spend the winter holidays in this way,” said Mayor Efendic.

Visitors were able to enjoy in the composition “Nocturne” performed by violinist Ornela Veladzic, and in the interpretation of “Lijepa li si Bosno moja (You are beautiful my Bosnia)”, performed by guitarist Leila Hreljic.

Citizens of Sarajevo will be able to enjoy the ice rink, with dimensions of 21 x 10 meters, from 8 am to 10 pm.


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