ICTY President: The Hague Tribunal gave the Truth, but not the Reconciliation

Carmel Agius presdident ICTYIn the framework of his visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) the President of the Hague Tribunal Carmel Agius said that nearly a quarter of a century of work the ICTY has prosecuted the most responsible war crimes perpetrators and has made the most comprehensive collection of established facts about the war that happened.

Moreover, Agius added that it is planned for the Hague Tribunal to close at the end of this year, and that he is proud of devoting more than 15 years of his life to an institution that was “the head of international justice.”

“We are closing the door, but we are giving you a large collection of established facts, the truth of what happened, we do not offer reconciliation because that was not the mandate of this court … We did not even deal with reconciliation. The responsibility towards it have countries of the region, “Agius said.

The ICTY president said he had “dual emotions” when thinking of closing the court.

“On the one hand, I am proud of what has been done, but on the other hand I look at the great amount of work that remains to be done in the region,” he stated.

According to Agius, he is very emotional because of the too much criticism at the Tribunal’s account.

“We are sorry that we did not prosecute all the perpetrators, but that was not our task at all.” Our role was to prosecute the most responsible ones and we did it. ”

The burden of continuation of prosecuting crimes remains in the countries of the region, and especially the Court of BiH, was concluded by Agius.

(Source: klix)


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