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“Ideal Day” Smart Assistant Application won best at EYA Impact Weekend in Sarajevo

IT Girls and EYA conducted an Impact Weekend in Sarajevo to create digital applications that actually impact Bosnian society. During the weekend, sixty participants were received input from thirty international and Bosnian experts and within only 48 hours really achieved outstanding results!

The Winning Project is a smart assistant app “Ideal Day“ which is time-efficient, reduces stress and organizes your schedule according to personal priorities. Members of the team are now invited to join the EYA Festival in Graz, Austria from November 27-30.

“First of all, we are promoting this concept among girls between the ages of 16 and 25. We are animating them in many ways and we want to bring digital technology to them in a fun, practical way. We want to bring them in touch with technologies that they do not have the opportunity to encounter during their education … There are participants from Drvar, Mostar, Srebrenik, Tuzla. I’m glad the girls realized the significance of this event,” Tanja Madzarevic from IT Girls said.

Prof. Peter A. Bruck, Founder of the European Youth Award elaborates:

“There is not such a huge gap between young people in Austria and young people in Sarajevo, not between Vienna and Tuzla, but the gap is between young people in Sarajevo and old people in Sarajevo – especially people who are in power!”

At the EYA Impact Weekend in Sarajevo more than twenty renowned international and regional experts share their experiences in interactive workshops and meet you on eye-level in coaching sessions.

Sixty young participants had the chance to transform ideas into concepts, benefit from knowledge transfer and learn how to better impact society. It’s a two-day bootcamp for change-makers!

EYA is an unique European-wide movement of young innovators who never stop learning, questioning and improving the world we live in. We believe in the power digital technologies can have to create a postive impact on society!

Several activities and events are organized throughout the year and can be found all over Europe! There is its flagship and name-giving initiative: The European Youth Award (EYA contest) and its winners event (EYA Festival); along with coding events (e.g. SHacks (social hackathons), Game Jams), the Youth for Innovation (YFI) programs, mentorship programs and more!

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