Ideal Skiing conditions on Jahorina Mountain

jahorina-mountainThis weekend, skiing conditions are ideal at Jahorina’s olympic beauty in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is why this weekend, both young and old, enjoy the snow!

Current temperature on Jahorina Mountain is -1 degree Celsius, making it ideal for skiing and games on show. Moreover, the snowfall that in the past days has hit most of Bosnia and Herzegovina helped the ideal conditions on Jahorina.

Today, the sun-bathed Jahorina attracted a large number of visitors and tourists, and due to the great interest of skiers, the ski lift Poljica is now in operation.

The snow that has fallen on the previous days has formed a snow cover and created the conditions for skiing.

During the work of the Ski-Poljica, a unique 20 BAM ski ticket for all users will be available, but a seasonal ski pass will not be valid for skiing this weekend.

The ski lift is open from 9:00 until 16:00 o’clock and the sale of ski tickets is done at the Poljica ticket office.

(Source: klix)



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