Implement “Sejdić-Finci” Until the End of March

The Special Representative of the EU to BiH Peter Sorensen announced that the European path is wide open for BiH, but that it is also clear that BiH has a “pebble in its shoe” that has to be solved in order to continue to go down this path.

‘’What we are doing now through speaking with BiH political leaders is show that the blockades that they put in place are artificial and that, instead of moving the country forward, they are engaging in political games’’, said Sorensen. He warned that BiH, in relation to other countries in the region, will remain ‘’stuck’’ in the process of EU integration if BiH politicians do not reach a decision on the “Sejdić – Finci” until the end of March.

He said to “Press RS” that the highest EU officials received a clear political and operational authority to work with BiH politicians in the near future in order to facilitate the fulfillment of conditions from the European “Road Map”.

‘’The EU will not do the work of BiH politicians, nor will it resort to sanctions, but the delay towards the European path is the biggest sanction for BiH, for all its politicians and citizens. They know that they need to find a solution now, and they have 4.5 million good reasons to do so’’, says Sorensen.

He said that an individual in BiH must be able to be elected to any position, regardless of nationality.

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