In the first three Days of the New Year, a record 15.000 People visited Mostar

With the arrival of about 15 thousand tourists in the first three days of the new 2022 in Mostar, records were broken at the very beginning of the year. This announced a successful tourist season in Herzegovina and awakened hope for the final recoveryof tourism in the south of our country.

The caterers, traders, and tourist workers in the Old Town are extremely satisfied, as well as the guests, and the city government because the city treasury has also been enriched.

Mensud Durakovic, the director of the Mostar Tourist Board, stressed that all accommodation capacities in the Mostar area have been filled for several days and that more space was needed for accommodation.

“In these three days, more than 15.000 people visited Mostar and so many good signals and positive vibes were sent from our city that it is most certainly expected that this will be a successful tourist year,” Durakovic told.

Once again, Mostar has shown that it is the good host and that in Mostar, guests can feel safe no matter where they come from, which is very important nowadays,” concluded the director of the Mostar Tourist Board.



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