Dzaferovic: Orban has not yet scheduled a Meeting with the Presidency of BiH

Sefik Dzaferovic, a member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) said that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban had not yet requested a meeting with the BiH Presidency, although it had been announced that he would visit BiH at the end of this month.

Daferovic told that no one had ever been prevented from coming to BiH, adding that Orban had been invited by the chairman of the BiH Council of Ministers.

He claims that the Government of Hungary itself is under threat of internal EU sanctions, due to the violation of the rule of law and democratic postulates.

By saving Dodik, Orban wants to save his political ally through whom he exerts influence in this part of Europe. But I think that neither Orban nor Dodik can overcome the forces that see Europe as a continent of liberal democracy and rule of law, where court verdicts will be respected and where no one will be discriminated against because of their identity, ” he pointed out.

Dzaferovic added that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s statements show his intention to gain the favor of Muslims, taking into account that 30 million of them live in Russia.

“Putin certainly has no interest in accepting Dodik’s idea of ​​targeting Muslims as a security problem,” he noted.

While speaking about the law imposed by Valentin Inzko, Dzaferovic said that Republika Srpska (RS) entity officials claim that the problem is not in the content of the law, but in the way it was passed.

Current High Representative Christian Schmidt has made a fair offer. He told that he would be ready to withdraw Inzko’s law if the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH adopts a new law that will be in line with European and international standards, ” he concluded.


Source: Federalna

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