Scandals and Cases in BiH that marked the Year

The judiciary had its hands full in the previous year. As much as they dealt with scandals and crime, so much they had to deal with themselves. Respirators affair, a blow to the constitutional order of our state are just some of the highlights of 2021.

A blow to the constitutional order of the state

One of the most significant events during the year is the adoption of amendments to the Criminal Code of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), which prohibits the denial of genocide in BiH. Even though the denial of genocide in Srebrenica has significantly decreased in public, this Inzko’s decision has brought with it a series of problematic events.

The Prosecutor’s Office of BiH is currently investigating this due to the attack on the constitutional order of the state. Although the actors claim that all the activities from the session are completely legal, it is obvious that the entity cannot unilaterally make a decision on issues that concern the entire country.

Pandemic embezzlement

Of all the scandals, the public probably paid the most attention to the one concerning the purchase of 100 respirators from China for the needs of the Government of the Federation of BiH (FBiH). The accused in that case are the FBiH Prime Minister, Fadil Novalic, the suspended director of Federal Administration of Civil Protection (FUCZ), Fahrudin Solak, the director of the company Srebrena malina, Fikret Hodzic, and the Minister of Finance of FBiH, Jelka Milicevic.

It is suspected that they acted in an organized way for the purpose of committing various criminal acts, which are related to the non-transparent spending of 10.5 million BAM of public money, and then the destruction of evidence of committed criminal acts.

Death of Dzenan Memic at the Court of BiH

Five years after the death of Dzenan Memic in Ilidza, the Court of BiH initiated proceedings on the circumstances of the investigation into his death. The indictment against five people was confirmed on July 21st, and the state prosecutor’s office charges them with organized crime with the aim of concealing evidence from the night of Dzenan’s murder.

The accused are Alisa Ramic, her father Zijad Mutap, members of the Canton Sarajevo (CS) Ministry of the Internal Affairs, Hasan Dupovac and Josip Baric, as well as the receptionist of the Crystal Hotel, located near the site of Dzenan’s death, Muamer Ozegovic.


Source: Klix.ba

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