Include BiH Educational and Scientific Resources in EU Projects

The BiH Ministry of Civil Affairs proposed to Dr. Nihad Fejzić (University of Sarajevo) and dr. Slavica Grujić (University of Banja Luka) a student visit to the Joint Research Institute of the EU (EU Research Center) for Health and Consumer Protection of the EU in the city of Milan.

The student visit is symbolically called “One Day”, organized for countries on the way to EU membership (Croatia, BiH, Serbia, Macedonia and Albania) in order to inform them of the research potential of the EU in the area of consumer health, as well as the potential for future cooperation of this very important research center with EU accession countries.

In the next period the EU intends to invest 80 billion euros in science and innovation, and the potential of the region, as in BiH, in the area of consumer health are important for future cooperation in research projects.

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