Increase in Gross Value recorded in Electricity, Agriculture and Administrative Service

In this First Release, the Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BHAS) presents the calculation of annual gross domestic product (GDP) and value-added for Bosnia and Herzegovina for 2017 and first results for 2018.

For the calculation of the GDP and other macroeconomic aggregates are used the methodology adjusted to the System National Accounts (SNA2008) and the European System National Accounts (ESA2010).

GDP for BiH for 2018 had a nominal value of 33,408 million BAM. The nominal increase of GDP in relation with 2017 was 6.48% while real increase was 3.62%. GDP deflator for 2018 was 2.75%.

GDP per capita amounted 9,556 KM or 4,886 EUR or 5,765 USD.

According to BiH’s Agency for Statistics, regarding by the activities the significant increase of the gross value added was recorded in: Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply (25.14%); Agriculture, forestry and fishing (12.03%) and Administrative and support service activities (10.34%).

More detailed analysis can be read here.


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