Increase in Number of Persons seeking Psychological Help in Bosnia

A year of pandemic also has consequences for mental health. Psychologists say that an increasing number of those are seeking help. Given that the end of the pandemic is not yet in sight, look at how to survive a pandemic and preserve mental health.

Numbers of infected and deceased; first, second, third wave, whether we go into lockdown or not – these are just some of the news we face every day and so on for a year. A pandemic takes its toll and leaves consequences on our psyche as well. Psychologists are the ones we turn to first when we feel anxious or the situation is spiraling out of control.

The Tuzla Health Center says that the number of citizens seeking the help of psychologists is increasing. It is most often depression, anxiety, fear or frustration. prim. dr. Zlatko Kalabic, head of the Center for Mental Health of the Tuzla Health Center “We are getting younger and younger people, especially the elderly who usually live alone, who have fear, fear of death, of disease, so we have seen an increase in the last few months.”

Aida Vrabac Trnacevic, coordinator of the family psychological counseling center “Amica Educa”: “We have a lot of clients on our waiting list, who are waiting to be scheduled for a psychotherapy appointment.

“It can be an indicator of several things, that citizens have become more open to seeking professional help, but also that the mental state of our citizens is so endangered and so serious. ”

At the beginning of the pandemic, a telephone line was opened at the Health Center in Tuzla, which was at the service of citizens 24 hours a day. Today, there is no telephone line for psychological help, and there are fewer and fewer people who have the money to pay for private examinations.

That is why citizens seek help from non-governmental organizations.

Mrs. Trnacevic adds: “Those who are unemployed or socially disadvantaged may be released from the obligation to pay psychotherapy benefits.”

With no end in sight to the academy, experts say it is important what we can do for ourselves.

The advice is to talk to loved ones as much as possible. Staying in nature is at the top of the psychologist’s recommendations. There are also physical activity and hobbies, as well as usefulness – helping older fellow citizens.

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