Increasing of Penalties for Serving Alcoholic Drinks to Minors from 150 to 400 BAM!

alcoholGovernment of the FBiH supported the initiative for amendments to the criminal provisions of the Law on Hospitality Services of FBiH launched by the Youth Education Center.

“With these amendments, we suggest altering the Article 65 so that the penalty for physical entity who sells or serves alcoholic beverages to minors increased from 150 BAM to 40 BAM,” stated the PR of the Youth Education Center Amela Mrakić.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Economy of the Central Bosnia Canton and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Central Bosnia Canton, through the campaign “18+” the Youth Education Center demonstrated to which extent the caterers at the territory of the Municipality of Travnik violate the criminal provisions that regulate the sales of alcoholic beverages to minors.

The effective Law explicitly bans the sales and serving of alcohol to minors.

“The trend of consuming alcohol as the first addiction that young people face with today is continuously increasing in BiH. This is alarming for the entire social community because, according to research, 78 percent of children stated they consumed alcohol while being minors, while some of them tasted alcohol when they were only nine years old,” Mrakić said.

After the submission of the proposal of this initiative for amendments to the Law on Hospitality Services in FBiH, the Center will continue implementing activities aimed at decreasing the number of minors who consume alcohol at the territory of FBiH.

(Source: klix.ba)

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