Indian Businessman Wants to Help B&H with Development of Information Technology

indiaAsif Iqbal, the founder of the B&H- Indian Commerce which gathers a great number of businessmen from India, currently resides in B&H and has great plans for the development of information technology in B&H, he says.

He comes from the city of Bangalore, which is located in the Southern part of India, and is one of the world centres for information technology.

Iqbal talked about his plans to contribute to an increase in employment in B&H, and also about the presence of B&H in India in order to develop tourism.

He added that four years ago he started an initiative to establish information centres in Sarajevo and Banja Luka which would serve for education about information technology.

“I want to develop a cooperation and invest in B&H, and the plan is to equip those centres with our technology”, he explained.

He pointed out that they are still looking for project partners and they talked to a couple of universities and institutes in B&H.

His goal is, as he says, increased education and employment in B&H in the field of information technology.

“After that, our plan is to create and service software capacities in B&H and wider”, he explained.

He emphasized his wish to establish long-term and brotherly relations between B&H and Karnataka, an Indian state in the South of the country.



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