Thinking to visit Sarajevo? Here are Top 10 Restaurants (gallery)

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]Like many communities, food and the act of sharing a meal is deeply ingrained in the culture of Bosnia-Herzegovina. As an European city known for hosting one of the largest film festivals in the world, Sarajevo is a cultural melting pot for the three major religions as well as a mixture of eastern and western tradition. Due to this incredible diversity, Sarajevo is home to some of the best food in the region, something that you simply must experience. But just because you are in a new city doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your healthy habits, and we get that! So without further delay here are the top ten healthy places to eat in Sarajevo during your stay for the film festival that will keep you slim and trim.

Superfood Sarajevo

Described by some as a modern oasis, this restaurant is a hotspot for what is termed to be, “gastro specialties” from Bosnia and the international stage prepared with the best ingredients available to their top class chef. This restaurant prides itself in its healthy, wildly enjoyable food and guarantees that you will be coming back for more. We recommend this restaurant for the foodie in us all, and suggest that you make a reservation during the film festival, as the city will be packed with travelers looking for a wonderful meal.

Bon Appetit Sarajevo

Established by a native chef whose goal was to exceed the culinary standard of the country, this restaurant provides patrons with the finest international cuisine paired with warm, Bosnian hospitality all while keeping the food reasonably priced. Though there are definitely rich and sumptuous dishes on the menu, there is also a wonderful selection of healthy fish and vegetable dishes that will satisfy your fine dining needs.

Apetit Restaurant

A very small location, Apetit Restaurant doesn’t operate in the orthodox method of a restaurant. And by orthodox, we mean they have no menu. Waiters inform diners of what ingredients are available today and suggested meals the chef can prepare; your dinner can be as sinful or healthy as you desire! It is highly recommended that you make a reservation because the maximum number of occupants in the dining room is roughly fifteen. With an open kitchen, your entertainment is watching the chef prepare your meals before you.

Zara iz Duvara

Found in the older parts of town, this restaurant is known for serving amazing, traditional Bosnian food. With a wonderful wait staff to walk you through the dining experience, you will feel welcomed and comfortable as you enjoy your meal. Beware however that many traditional dishes are quite heavy, but they also carry amazing roasted vegetables, grilled meats, and fresh soups. So fear not my healthy companions, there is a great meal in store for you here.

4 Sobe Gospodje Safije

This location consists of a restaurant, a bar and cocktail bar, a lounge, and a garden. A wonderful atmosphere surrounds you as you enjoy either their tapas selection or their menu items under either Safia’s or Johan’s selection. They also have a formidable wine list to pair with whatever dish strikes your fancy. Again, this restaurant like many others have both healthy and unhealthy options, and it is up to you to decide which route to take for your meal.


An incredibly rustic restaurant that provides both ambiance and fresh foods, Dveri is a must for foodies in Sarajevo. Traditional meat and cheese starters, salads, fresh soups, vegetables, and lean protein dinners are all waiting for you. Located in the heart of the old town, you can watch the world go by as you enjoy your meal. Reservations are suggested, and make sure to book a table at least a day before you plan on embarking on this dining experience.


This restaurant actually started during the 9th Sarajevo Film Festival in 2003. With dishes like octopus carpaccio and cold cucumber and avocado soup, this restaurant is high class, great quality, and inviting for travelers and locals alike. They also have a selection of meats and cheeses served with fruit and nuts; the perfect appetizer. This restaurant also has seating in their own wine cellar, and as you can probably imagine, their wine selection is extensive with over 100 wines to choose from.

Ribnjak Toplik

This restaurant is very much a build-your-own-dinner type of restaurant. Thankfully, no matter what choices you make it will taste absolutely sublime. The building is very intimate and warm, setting a peaceful tone for your dining experience. Customers and critics rave about the wait staff, food, atmosphere, and the restaurant has even been awarded with the Golden Crown Award. Though it is located outside of inner Sarajevo, but it is well worth the drive.


One of very few vegetarian restaurants in Bosnia, Karuzo is a fusion of mediterranean, vegetarian, and macrobiotic dishes located a minute walk from the main Catholic Cathedral in downtown Sarajevo. They also offer a great selection of fish dishes, including sushi! Health fanatic Saša Obućina is both the owner and chef of Karuzo; he has invested his passion into this restaurant and feels that the food should make you feel satisfied without being in the beginning stage of a food coma. The catch for this gem is that it only seats 18 people, so you have to make reservations for this restaurant.

Mala Kuhinja

This restaurant has a great selection for our gluten-free/vegetarian/vegan friends. An Asian fusion restaurant, Mala Kuhinja uses traditional spices for their masala dishes, providing the benefits that spicy food brings to your body. Be warned that their portions are rather large, so feel free to share your dishes or take the remainder to go. Once again, we find ourselves looking at a very small restaurant, so it is highly unlikely that you will find an open table if you just swing by; thankfully they make reserving a table easy.

Restaurant Kibe Mahala

This restaurant gets an honorary mention on our list because it’s views are simply spectacular and a must visit for tourists- science shows that being surrounded by nature and it’s beauty contribute to happiness and health. It features national Bosnian cuisine and is located on a hillside of Sarajevo, just a few minutes’ drive from the city centre, showcases a breathtaking panoramic view on the city and the surrounding mountains. Over the years, this widely known establishment has welcomed prominent figures from all over the world and representing all spheres of the society: statesmen and politicians, representatives of international organisations, artists of international renown, and many others.


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