Indirect Taxation Authority confiscated Cigarettes and Tobacco worth over 54,000 BAM


Authorized officers of the Indirect Taxation Authority confiscated cigarettes and cut tobacco worth 54,500 BAM in two separate actions on the Foca-Gorazde road.

Authorized officials of the ITA from the Group for the Prevention of Smuggling and Misdemeanors, RC Sarajevo, in cooperation with the officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the BPK, PU Gorazde, in two separate actions carried out on the road communication Foca-Gorazde, and during the control of two vehicles in Ustoklina they found and seized a large quantity of cigarettes and cut tobacco.

“According to the instructions of the Prosecutor’s Office and the Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina, they temporarily seized 7,000 boxes of cigarettes (FM, Manchester, Corset and King) and 130 kilograms of cut dried tobacco which were neither stamped with excise stamps issued by the Indirect Taxation Authority, nor was there any documentation on the origin of the goods,” the ITA said. A report on the committed criminal offense shall be filed against the persons found and seized of the excise goods in question to the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH due to the suspicion that the criminal offense of Illicit Traffic in Excise Products has been committed, referred to in Article 210a of the Law on Amendments to the Criminal Code of BiH.

“The total value of temporarily seized goods is estimated at 54,500 BAM,” the statement said.



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