Initiative launched for Cooperation between Oslo and Sarajevo

Mayor of the City of Sarajevo, Abdulah Skaka and Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Norway Nedim Makarevic met in Norway’s capital Oslo with the Mayor of that city, Marianne Borgen.

During the meeting, interlocutors discussed the multiple possibilities of cooperation between the two countries’ capitals.

Mayor Skaka emphasized that the capital of BiH, in line with the plans, is working intensively on raising the level of international cooperation, especially with the capital cities of friendly countries.

“We consider Norway and Oslo our true friends. There are many areas in which close cooperation between the cities of Sarajevo and Oslo can significantly contribute to the strengthening of the traditional friendship between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Kingdom of Norway.”

Establishing partnerships would create a framework for concrete cooperation in the fields of culture, sports, education, tourism, and especially in the area of protection and preservation of the environment,” said Mayor Skaka.

Ambassador Makarevic pointed out that the idea came to life at a meeting with  Mayor Skaka last year in Sarajevo and there are countless possibilities for cooperation which are in the mutual interest.


During the meeting at Radhuset – the City Hall in Oslo, a high level of bilateral relations between the two countries has been highlighted and the excellent integration of the Bosnian community as emigrants in Norway, Federal News Agency reports.

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