”INPEK-ZE” Increases Production Value

Twelve months after taking over a company that almost went bankrupt, ”Ekor-komerc” revived the biggest industry of bread and pastry in the Central Bosnia, Zenica-based ”Inpek-Ze”.

These days, after several months of market stabilization, a new product line was launced that produces 20,000 pieces of bread, bagels and other variety of pastries on the market every day.

”So far there have been over one million KM worth of investments in different sectors of the firm, and the range and volume of production has increased”, said the Director for ”Dnevni Avaz”, Adnan Nuhagić.

Soon, this industry expects new 300-gram loaves of bread at the price of .50 KM, and a renovated fleet of four new vans.

”We have a plan to establish 50 new small shops, and except in Zenica, our products will be sold in Busovači, Vitez, Kakanj, Tešanj, Žepče and Visoko’’, said Nuhagić.

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