Intensive Inspection Controls of Accommodation and Catering Facilities in Canton Sarajevo

hotels in sarajevoOn the occasion of the official visit of Pope Francis to our country, inspectors of the Cantonal Administration for Inspection Affairs will conduct intensive inspection controls of the accommodation capacities of all categories, as well as other catering facilities registered on the area of Canton Sarajevo, starting from 4th June.

It has been announced from the Cantonal Administration for Inspection Affairs that all-day inspections in the full capacity will be conducted by market-tourism, sanitation and labor inspectors, each of them within their jurisdiction.

“A special emphasis in inspection controls will be put on the legality of operations of mentioned facilities, evidence of overnights, tax payment, as well as issuing the fiscal bills“, as announced from the Cantonal Administration.

They emphasized that inspectors will take punitive measures by issuing misdemeanor warrants as well as other measures provided by the law, in all cases of the violation of legal regulations.

For the work without authorization, as well as without he decision on the fulfillment of minimal conditions for certain category of relevant Ministry, inspectors will issue a decision on banning of activities and financial penalties from 1.500 BAM to 15.000 BAM.

For not issuing the fiscal bills, financial penalties from 2.500 BAM to 20.000 BAM will be issued, while for not registering guests and overnights as well as not-calculating the accommodation tax and its payment on the account of the Tourist community of Canton Sarajevo, financial penalties in the amount from 700 BAM to 7.000 BAM will be issued.


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