Interesting Story: 40 Years old Skoda looks as Brand New

13115658_1765069053729771_56512559_n“I won’t tell my age, as I hide it, but I bought Skoda when I was 40 years old” – said Savo Corolija, an elderly man from Bileca, who is almost 90 years old and drives around 40 years old Skoda.

His Skoda is as brand new – it has its initial color, clean engine, everything is in good condition and, as we witnessed, it starts on first try. Savo said that he first made garage and then bought Skoda, and that he still has original receipts where it is stated that he bought car in 1977.

“I bought it brand new, and I have the receipt. It was expensive for that time as it cost 3 million dinars, but it helped me to build the house as it was necessary to bring material. I brought all this stone with Skoda. This house will stay for children and I will move to Dublje and it will be all fine. I lived enough. I am entering age of 88,” said Savo.

He adds that his Skoda didn’t have many issues but that car has to be maintained properly and original replacement parts should be used.

“I have one friend in Novi Sad, where is the only store that provides parts for Skoda, but there weren’t many large issues with it,” said Savo.

Initially he wanted to sell Skoda but he gave up on that idea as he will leave it to his son.

“I am part of it, I got used on such car. I go with it, buy newspaper, medicine, walk through town, go to Trebinje, and that’s it. But in the past I went everywhere with Skoda. When I was younger there wasn’t a town in former Yugoslavia where I haven’t gone,” said Savo and added that he never paid any penalty as there wasn’t reason to do so.

Savo says that he is the most happy when his grandchildren come to visit and he takes them for a ride with Skoda.

(Source: avaz.ba)

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