Interesting Story about Evert and Monique from the Netherlands who fell in love with Trebinje

The married couple from the Netherlands, Evert and Monique Melman van Seggelen, have long been in love with Trebinje, where they got married in 2008, and, as they said, they would like to stay there forever.

They ordered that when they died, their ashes be scattered over Trebisnjica. Reporters met them in Trebinje, where they were on vacation. They shared their unusual love story.

”How much we love Trebinje and its people is also shown by the fact that we crowned our love with marriage right here. For that occasion, 30 of our friends arrived from the Netherlands, and there were a lot of people from Trebinje at the wedding,” noted Evert and added that they bought a plot of land in Trebinje and built a house in the settlement of Rupe.

Brandy for health

The first project was made by the local architect Srecko Ducic, and later they adapted it according to their needs.

”We arranged part of the house for Evert’s studio because he is a painter. He also enjoys fishing and the many animals we have. We have brandy lodge for disinfection, but also health. We meet many friends on the walk and we are constantly greeted by someone, which is not the case in the Netherlands or Germany, ” Monique mentioned and added that they were sad when they had to leave Trebinje because Evert became seriously ill.

Evert’s serious illness took them from Trebinje to Germany in 2011. Still, they hope to return.

”If we win a million euros in the lottery, we return and buy a house. It is our big dream. It is important to dream, because without dreams, life stops, ” told Evert with a smile.

There is no pressure

”Come to Trebinje to see how everyone enjoys life here. Everything is different. There is no hurry here. Slowly and without pressure, a lifestyle that we like a lot, ” Monique and Evert pointed out.


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