Interior Minister Dragan Lukac: If Erdogan opens Doors for Four Million Migrants, BiH is the only Route


Republika Srpska’s (RS’s) Interior Minister Dragan Lukac told Srna News Agency that the migrant crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina is at its peak and that it will certainly not stop this year.

Lukac said that this was also confirmed by the announcement by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of the possibility of Turkey opening its doors to Europe and moving almost four million migrants.

He pointed out that BiH is the only migrant route that remains, and that all these people would cross BiH and “endanger the local population and way of life, taking into account the fact that migrants carry a lot of crimes – from the light ones to the more difficult, not just theft…”

“Are we ready to confront in BiH at this moment, that is, to keep under control the millions of people who have appeared here – we certainly have not, because we have not been able to respond to these figures that we have so far, if we can appreciate that are in the tens of thousands, “said Lukac in Bratunac.

He assessed that the Ministry of Security in the Council of Ministers, in its technical mandate, which is supposed to respond to the migrant crisis, has at this point completely failed and did not fulfill either the conditions or the opportunities it had.

Lukac explained that at first, they said that it would not be a problem for BiH, that there would not be so many migrants here, but now that they have appeared – they do not know what to do.

“We saw that these were wrong forecasts, especially from the level of BiH. Today, we have a situation, especially in Una-Sana Canton, where the crisis is at the peak and where they do not know what to do with these people, so they try to place them in Serbian villages. They will not have the approval of the Serbian people for that, “Lukac said, Radiosarajevo reports.

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