International Donors’ Conference for Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia After the Floods

EU commissionThe European Commission will host a Donors’ Conference in Brussels on 16 July to mobilise further support to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia in the aftermath of the recent floods.  The conference will be co-organised with France and Slovenia.

International donor countries, international financial institutions, and main relevant civil society organisations will be invited.  The aim of the conference will be to collect pledges from donors for the countries’ recovery from the recent floods. The European Commission, France and Slovenia place high priority on the economic recovery of both countries and are committed to providing a substantial financial contribution. In addition to mobilising international financial support, the Donors’ Conference will also contribute to stepping up co-operation over floods and natural disasters in the region.

The Conference is by invitation only and is a meeting of donor governments and international organisations. While it is not open to the public, information about the meeting will be made available on this website.

LIVE streaming of the 14:45-16:00 o’clock, opening and welcome http://ec.europa.eu/avservices/ebs/live.cfm?page=1

VIDEO ON DEMAND of the opening and welcome http://ec.europa.eu/avservices/video/player.cfm?ref=I091385

RECORDED streaming at 20:00 CET of the closing remarks and conclusions filmed at 18:30 http://ec.europa.eu/avservices/ebs/live.cfm?page=1

VIDEO ON DEMAND of the closing remarks and conclusions http://ec.europa.eu/avservices/video/player.cfm?ref=I091386




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