International League of Humanists: Sepp Blatter will Award B&H Football Team and Safet Sušić

ILHB&H Football Team with the coach Safet Sušić on10th October in Sarajevo will receive the high humanistic recognition of the International League of Humanists (ILH), the Golden Charter of Sports and Culture of Peace “Juan Antonio Samaranch” with the Plaque and Golden Badge of ILH.

“This recognition is given within the long-term project of ILH ‘Sport in building a culture of peace, dialogue and intercultural understanding’ and on the basis of the solemn declaration that Juan Antonio Samaranch (in 2007, in Barcelona) gave to international league humanist authority, in order to popularize the sports and new democracies, his name can carry this recognition.

Joseph Sepp Blatter, the FIFA President will award the honorary ambassadors of the sport and the culture of peace of the International League of Humanists”, released ILH.

B&H national football team and the coach Safet Sušić will receive this award as a sign of eternal gratitude and recognition for all what they have done for B&H, as the best ambassadors in the world. They have demonstrated the best values of B&H and they have given to us hope for a brighter future. They have provided an invaluable contribution to the mission of the International League of Humanists in B&H, was highlighted in the statement.

The award ceremony will take place at the PC “Unitic”, on 10 October, starting at 14.00.

(Source: Fena)


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