Broadband Commission: B&H Is At 45th Place in Internet Use

internet2According to statistics from the organization ‘Broadband Commission’, B&H is at 45th place in the world for Internet use in relation to its population.

In the Balkans, the highest number of Internet users is Slovenes in 42nd place, while B&H is the second in the region in 45th place. Macedonia is third in the region and is placed at 49th place in the world.

Croatia is in 50th place, Montenegro in 58th place, Greece in 59th place, Bulgaria is 62nd, Albania is 65th, Serbia is 75th, and Turkey is 83rd.

According to assessments that this global organization published in a report for 2012 on the state of broadband networks, in Iceland around 96 percent of the population regularly uses Internet, and the country is in first place in the world. Norway and Sweden took second and third place, respectively.

Despite the high development of broadband networks, more than 90 percent of the inhabitants in 49 of the least developed countries do not have access to Internet.

(Source: Dnevni Avaz)

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