Storage Space Found for Processing of Census Materials

popis stanovnistva- ilustracijaThe B&H Agency for Statistics signed a contract to lease space for a central location for the processing of census materials. The space is 1.600 square meters and is found in East Sarajevo.

Advisor for Public Relations Mirsada Adembegović said at today’s press conference by the B&H Agency for Statistics in Sarajevo that the contract was signed with Mladen Tomašević as the most adequate bidder in terms of price and conditions specified in the calls for proposals out of the eight offers.

The area is located in the business facility ”Tomašević’’ in East Sarajevo, because in Article 19 of the Census Law in B&H for 2013 determined that the location for the storage and processing of census materials should be located in East Sarajevo.

The warehouse space for the storage of census materials that will be delivered by the municipal census commissions after the end of the census will be on 18 October, and other facilities by the end of the month.

(Source: Fena)

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