Kelle from Sarajevo was once a Refugee, now he’s helping the Refugees

Sarajevo Helping Refugees arq.roRepresentatives of the Association for help to socially endangerd families and individuals “Pomozi” from B&H and the Sarajevan Mhamad Šadi Kelle, who was a BH refugee in Syria as a boy and who is now trying to help the Syrian refugees with his engagement, joined the campaign of helping refugees from the Middle East who are passing through Serbia.

Association  “Pomozi” has already delivered help for the refugees from Middle East to Serbia for four times. According to Anera Junuzović on behalf of this association, the aid is delivered to concrete locations that are the most frequent at a certain time, since the situation is changing every day and the last decision prior to the delivery is the actual place of delivery.

“There are no refugees in Belgrade currently, so the locations with the largest number of refugees are those along border crossings, and the camps they are situated in are not purpose-designed, but in accordance with the newly arisen situation”, Junuzović said.

Citizens can deliver help to the premises of the Association located at Čengić Vila, Dr. Fetaha Bećirbegovića street number 8, and the most necessary forms of aid are new underwear, new winter footwear for children, and new raincoats. Necessity for new footwear and raincoats arises from the fact that second-hand clothes and footwear need sanitary certificates in order to be imported.

Mhamad Šadi Kelle, whose father is from Syria, was among the first people to join the aid campaign. As a child during the nineties, Mhamad was a refugee in Syria, after he left the war-torn B&H on one of the last planes.

Speaking of his unusual story, Mhamad said that he never felt as a refugee in Syria, he was welcomed in the best possible way, and now he found himself in a situation to help the people from war-torn Syria.

Kelle expressed great gratitute to the domestic BH companies which donated goods amounting to 3,000 or 4,000 BAM for a 2,000 reimbursement, for example.

Mhamad explained that now there is a Facebook page “Izbjeglice dobrodošle – BiH”, where the citizens can offer their help in terms of accommodation in case the refugees, due to possible closing of border crossings, decide to use B&H as a transit zone.

Kelle believes that the only way to solve the issue of refugees and the migrant crisis is to stop the wars in the countries from where the refugees mostly come, but he also added that it is uncertain when will that happen.

More than 300,000 refugees and migrants passed through Serbia by the middle of October.

(Source: klix.ba)

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