Damir Beljo attended the Boxing Convention in Orlando

beljo3B&H boxer Damir Beljo defended champion title in cruiserweight by the WBO version recently in Siroki Brijeg and delighted B&H public by stopping whistling of the audience during the national anthem of B&H.  Together with his manager Ivan Dijakovic, Beljo is currently in Orlando, on the WBO boxing convention. Beljo was invited on Florida as one of the candidates for the evocative place for current world champion Polish Krzysztof Glowacki.

It is still unknown when Damir might attack the world title, and as he said, it is a great honor for him to be in Orlando among the biggest names in the world of boxing, and for having his named called twice.

“Out of so many boxing names, the President of WBO for Europe Istvan KOKO Kovacs particularly called my name and said that I am a great potential and one of the most serious candidates for the world title. I did not expect from him to call my name, so we did not managed to record my announcement. It is a great honor to be here, and that I am so blessed by God, who loves me so much. I came here, just step away from Las Vegas and the title of World Champion,” said Beljo.

In his speech at this convention, European champion said that he hopes that the title of World Champion will be in his hands soon.

“Finally, I said thank you and may God bless you all. Tomislav Dijakovic added that he wants to get us in the top 3, because we are currently in the top 6, and that we are boxing for the world title,” added B&H boxer.


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