International Women’s Day celebrated with French Cuisine and Bosnian Coffee

International Womens DayInternational Women’s Day was specially celebrated in “Hope Center“ in Gorazde. Kim Wright Reitz, American who lives in Gorazde with her family for years, prepared a traditional lunch for around 50 guests, this year in a slightly different way.

Gathering was special also because of French dishes served by American waiters, Bosnian coffee in traditional cups and songs of Macedonian singer Kaliopi, interpreted by the special guest Dzejla Ramovic.

“We want to present you something new but before all, to hang out and to show you how important we are for each other“, said Kim to gathered woman.

At her invitation, Dzejla sang several songs and enthused gathered ones.

After that, French dishes were served, first cheeses and then Quiche Lorraine, the dish with French origins, but in fact it is about the simple pie from short crust pastry and filling with milk and eggs.

Kim and her friend Amanda were preparing dessert for their guests late into the night. With the Bosnian coffee and dessert, they talked about France because it was the topic this time, and guests were competing who knows more about France, Paris, the most important sights, language and French dishes. As an award they got a chocolate in the shape of Eiffel Tower.

(Source: klix.ba)

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