Inzko: EU to invest 64 Million EUR in the Electric Power Network of B&H

Inzko on Referendum in RS radiosarajevo.baGeneral Director of Elektroprenos B&H, Matan Zaric, few days ago in Banja Luka, presented achieved results but the problems the company Elektroprenos B&H is dealing with in this moment, to the High Representative in B&H, Valenin Inzko.

“We have problems with the Law on the Public Procurement, i.e. with the implementation of the total procedure for the selection of suppliers and works which, at the end, makes a problem for us to start the realization of made plans“, explained Zaric and added that he asked the High Representative to include himself in the resolution of this problem, in order for they to unblock the whole process.

In his address to the media, Inzko said that he visited the two most successful companies at the state level, the Indirect Taxation Authority and Elektroprenos B&H.

“Mister Zaric has big plans for the future of this company when it comes to investments, the EU as well supports all that plans and it is very important for B&H to be connected with the European energy flows“, said Inzko and added that the EU will invest 64 million EUR in the domestic electric power network.

He congratulated the management for the successful work and the accumulated income of 300 million BAM in the last eight years, which now has to be re-invested in the electricity network.


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