Inzko: RS has the Right to a Referendum only on Judiciary and Corruption in RS

Inzko on Referendum in RS radiosarajevo.baValentin Inzko, the High Representative in B&H, reiterated yesterday in Banja Luka that the Republic of Srpska (RS) does not have the right to a referendum that will concern the institutions of B&H.

”RS has the right to a referendum within its competences, for example on the judiciary of the RS, corruption in the RS, but it cannot have the jurisdiction for the entire country. Everything that is at the state level should be resolved at the state level”, said Inzko.

Inzko also reiterated that, as the High Representative, he has several instruments at his disposal, including the ”Bonn powers”.

Answering the question when the action by the Office of High Representative in B&H and the presence of the OHR in general might be expected, Inzko said that it is still not time to think about the international factors leaving B&H.

”The presence of the High Representative and the OHR is lowering, we used to have 800 employees and there is around a hundred of them today; even 60.000 soldiers used to be here once, and there are a lot less soldiers here now”, said Inzko and said that the final decision on this issue will be brought by the Council for Peace Implementation.

(Source: klix.ba)

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