Inzko: ”Sarajevo Winter” celebrates the strength of different cultures

High Representative for BiH Valentin Inzko said in the letter of support to the Festival that ‘‘Sarajevo Winter” celebrates the strength of different cultures and articulates ideas, emotions and beliefs that connect people. It is the celebration of humanity, and it is held in a city that suffered a lot defending the humanity, reports FENA.

Inzko notes that even when the country lacked resources it never lacked creative and artistic vision, which helped the citizens to keep themselves alive in the most difficult period.

Inzko added that ”Sarajevo Winter” shows that the creative and artistic vision in Sarajevo is blooming, and 3 million visitors only confirm that.

Inzko noted that he always believed and still believes that BiH is the source of civic, cultural and spiritual values, and ”Sarajevo Winter”, which is an important element of country’s recovery, proves that.

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