Irijan Durmo probably the Youngest Skier to climb with Skies to the Top of Ljeljen

Irijan DurmoIrijan Durmo, with his 13 years, is probably the youngest touring skier who climbed with skies to the top of Ljeljen and skied on its, always challenging, extremely steep west side.

Satisfaction is higher because he did it with his father Edin, old friends Massimo and Yumiko, and new friend, outstanding young skier Amar from Jablanica.

Irijan is older son of one of founders and leading instructors of alpinism in Club Scorpio, Edin Durmo, so it seemed quite logical that Irijan will follow his father’s steps.

Irijan started to ski at Smetovi, as three-year-old, and won the gold medal at Small Olympic Games of Zenica-Doboj Canton in 2008. Also, he won the most attractive mountain for climbers- Prenj, by winning its highest peak- Zelena glava, at an altitude of 2.155 meters.



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