It is never too Late for Love: The Oldest Newlyweds in RS “over” 80 Years Old

newlywedsAlthough the trend of decrease in the number of marriages in the smaller B&H entity is dating since 2007, there was an evident increase in 2014, in comparison with 2013, according to the data of the Statistical Office of this entity.

The oldest “groom” in 2014 was 83 years old, and the “bride” was 82 years old, while the youngest groom was 15 years old, as well as the youngest bride.

The average age of brides in RS is 28.2, while the average age of grooms is 31.7 years.

The average age of mothers at birth of their first child in RS was 26.9 years last year, and compared to the year earlier, the average age remained at almost the same level.

Statisticians are noting that this data is indicating a tendency for women to postpone childbirth and the age for having children is increasing.

In the last period, when it comes to live born children, looking an average of 5 years, around 82 percent of children are born within a marriage.

(Source: Faktor.ba)

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