It was great in Sarajevo: The Memory of the Sarajevo Olympics (Gallery + Video)

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]It was great to be in Sarajevo on that February 8, 1984, according to the people of Sarajevo and many world travelers who were lucky enough be in the capital of B&H, on the day when our city opened its doors for the entire world.

Until this day, Sarajevo was known in the world as the city where the World War I started, but exactly 32 years ago, this city started to write more beautiful history.

From that moment, Sarajevo started to live its Olympic dream.

And then two days before the Olympics, snow was falling so much that all the workers and the military, athletes and citizens were up on their feet, trying to help. It was falling so much that some trainings had to be delayed.

Citizens of Sarajevo spontaneously went to the streets with shovels and cleaned the city, and one that charged kebabs for 100 USD to Kirk Douglas was almost lynched.

We are nostalgically remembering the days when all Sarajevo was marked with the Olympics: food, beverages, packaging, postage stamps … Take a look in our photo gallery.


(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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