Former UFC Denis Stojnic stops Assault on Woman (video)

UFC veteran Denis Stojnic’s MMA skills were put to practical use recently after he spotted a man assaulting a woman outside a nightclub he owns in the Bosnia and Herzegovina capital Sarajevo.

The heavyweight, who owns a 13-3 (1) record in professional mixed martial arts, came to the rescue of a patron of the Dorian Gray venue in Sarajevo after spotting a man follow a woman out of the venue on security footage.

The man appears to grab the woman by the hair before continuing the assault against the back of a nearby car.

At this point Stojnic briskly walks towards the man, separates him from the woman and throws him to the ground.

The mixed martial artist restrains the man, while further nightclub security approach to assist.

“When I saw on my video controller that a huge man, even proportions physically higher than me, is striking a female person, I immediately ran out and reacted so that they were protected from the perpetrators,” Stojnic said for Klix.ba news portal.




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