Residents of Visegrad prepared Gifts for their Fellow Citizens who are in a State of Need

Ahead of Christmas holidays, residents of Visegrad wanted to help the poor families in the city and join the humanitarian action initiated by their fellow citizen Zoran Maksimovic to provide them with Christmas gifts.

They gathered basic food and hygiene items, and wanted to make the youngest ones happy for the Christmas. “We want every family on Christmas Day to feel joy in this way. There are many people in this city who will not be able to afford the Christmas meal and to receive the dignity of one of the greatest Christian holidays, which we wanted to change and that is why the action is being taken,” Maksimovic.

Maksimovic adds that holidays are an opportunity for everyone to do something good because there are so many families in Visegrad and in BiH who are celebrating Christmas in penury.

“We all love holidays, the New Year has passed without a special celebration. For Christmas as well, there are no special events. We want for all to gather for a dinner for Christmas, with the families and sharing the joy of Christmas, “the organizer said.

He added that packages will help poor families and will be shared on the very day of Christmas. The presents will be allocated to the ones that the church found the most vulnerable.




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