Izetbegović congratulates the Independence Day

12788165_1116414078409547_1776134910_nWith the desire for March 1, the Independence Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina, to be marked with dignity across BiH, member of the Presidency of BiH Bakir Izetbegović sent warmest congratulations to all the citizens of BiH.

As Izetbegović stated, while celebrating the Independence Day he remembers with reverence all those who contributed to the realization of the historical aspiration of the people about an independent and democratic state, especially the fighters who had given their lives for the freedom of their homeland.

„Their mounds in all their dignity remind and warn that the independence of the country that we have today has not been easily acquired,“ Izetbegović said.

Izetbegović believes that the independence celebrated today is „the foundation for further development of BiH as a society of democratic freedoms and equal rights for all its citizens, but also the society of shared responsibility for the future development in the context of European integration“.

„The wealth that we possess and the power of our perseverance and determination are foundations on which we will develop in the years that come as an economically successful and socially fair state,“ Izetbegović said.

However, in order to accomplish that, Izetbegović concluded that it is important to build consensus on all fundamental issues of the present and the future, encourage work and creativity and self-confidence and optimism, stated the Public Relations Office of the BiH Presidency.

(Source: klix.ba)

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