„Tešanjski kiseljak“ won the first Place on the Competition in the USA!

12787629_1116414131742875_574436492_oThe BiH companies have once again demonstrated the superiority in competition of bottled mineral water. This time, the most ultimate rewards have been won at the prestigious competition in the United States.

Two kinds of mineral waters from BIH won medals at the prestigious competition held in Berkeley Springs, USA.

The 26th Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting presented the award for perfection to companies from three continents, and the bottled mineral water „Tešanjski kiseljak“ won the first place in the category of bottled mineral waters.

Moreover, „Celvik Dobri Kiseljak“ from tešanj also won an award, ending up third in the category of bottled mineral waters.

At the competition being considered as the Oscar for water quality, the awards mostly went to Canada and the USA, while the Macedonian mineral water Oro Luxury is a water from the region that took the award.

The best tap water

  1. Clearbrook, Abbotsford, Canada
  2. Marysville, Victoria, Australia
  3. Independence, USA
  4. Santa Ana, USA
  5. Mission Springs Water District, Desert Hot Springs, USA

The best bottled tap water

  1. Theoni Natural Mineral Water, Karditsa, Greece
  2. Prairie Crystal Pure Spring Water, Marchand MB, Canada
  3. Eau De Source 83 ppm, Village Blanchard, NB, Canada
  4. Davia Organic Maple Sap Water, Saint-Quentin, NB, Canada
  5. Antipodes, Whakatane, New Zealand

The best bottled mineral water

  1. Tešanjski Kiseljak, Tešanj, BiH
  2. Touch Sparkling Mineral Water, Marchand, MB, Canada
  3. Celvik Dobri Kiseljak, Tešanj, BiH
  4. A) Oro Luxury Water, Vizianius, Macedonia
  5. B) Nakd Luxury Sparkling Water, Putaruru, New Zealand
  6. C) Deluge Sparkling Natural Spring Water, Oro-Medonte, ON, Canada

The best purified water

  1. Bar H2O, Richmond, USA
  2. Divinia, Idaho Falls, USA
  3. Hamilton On Tap, Hamilton, USA
  4. Mountain Drop, Linthicum, USA
  5. Berkeley Springs Purified Water, Berkeley Springs, USA


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