Jasmila Zbanic: She faced the World with the most painful Wound of BiH

At a time when most Bosnians and Herzegovinians feel worried and abandoned, three European Oscars have arrived in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) from Berlin. Jasmila Zbanic is the best European director, “Quo vadis, Aida?” best film, and Jasna Djuricic the best actress. This is the culmination of a great series of awards since the film about the genocide in Srebrenica premiered in Venice in 2020.

A lot of hard work

This film and these awards are much more than art because they show the most painful BiH wound – genocide in Srebrenica, to the world.

Jasmila Zbanic, with a lot of effort, courage, and obstacles, made a fantastic film and her awards in Berlin are well deserved.

These recognitions came at a time when BiH is in the most difficult political situation since the end of the aggression and they are certainly a good sign for everything that followsbecause the homeland can be also defended by art.

Her recent interview with the German “Die Welt” was sharedthroughout Europe and beyond.

For a quarter of a century, Europe believed that the conflict between the peoples of the former Yugoslavia was over. It has now turned out to be a fatal misconception, there is again fear of war in multiethnic BiH, and it is fueled by supporters of Serbia, ” mentioned Zbanic.

A clear attitude

In that way, she showed again that she is a person and a director with an attitude.

Zbanic does not run away from open topics and painful wounds, so in her films, she spoke about the genocide in Srebrenica and raped women. She does not run away from war topics, to which she persistently reminds and warns the world public.

She was born in Sarajevo in 1974 and has won a number of significant world awards. Jasmila is married to producer Damir Ibrahimovic and they have a daughter Zoe. She lives on the route Sarajevo – Berlin.


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