Dejan Jovic: Those who say that War in BiH is possible are not doing it to prevent it, but to create Fear

past months, the possible war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has been discussed. While Dodik has openly started attacking BiH institutions and announcing the unilateral takeover of a number of its competencies, some politicians from the Federation of BiH (FBiH), primarily those from the SDA and DF, pointed out that it will not be possible without war.

Zeljko Komsic, a member of the Presidency, probably went the furthest in threatening with a violent armed response.

If this continues, the same will happen tomorrow with the Armed Forces (AF) of BiH, with the judiciary, and when it happens, then we will have to respond with force... If we don’tanswer, he added, it will mean that we agreed to what they call peaceful dissolution, ” said Komsic. The famous professor of political science, Dejan Jovic, gave his interesting review of the rattling of swords in BiH.

Some of those who say that war in BiH is possible, or even most likely to happen, are not doing it to prevent it, but quite the opposite – to introduce the option of war into public discourse, and thus create new fears, as they would then call for ‘self-defense’. It is an old trick, already seen, ” Jovic wrote.

Professor Husnija Kamberovic answered with this:

In 1992, some in BiH said that there would be no war: “Two are needed for the war. Sleep peacefully. There will be no war.” Those who are now talking about the war in BiH (at least those from BiH) are saying that because of the feeling of their own helplessness and the hopeless situation in which they brought this country, ” Kamberovic wrote.

Jovic continued.

The motives for talking about the war are different: some are worried and warn that it should be prevented, while others include it in the calculation as a possibility or certainty, or even wish for it, dissatisfied with the result of the previous war. Be careful with war, especially in post-war societies.


Source: Avaz

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